Month: October 2014

October Obsessions: 2014 Edition

  Perusing through the wide world of the internet, I have come upon many beauties. Often though, we forget about it just as quick as it happened. My goal: bring it back. Remind ourselves of that which we have loved. Take a break from the day and enjoy something for the second time around (or third or fourth or fifth….)   These… Read more →

Whispers and Seasons

  Life has been interesting lately. Mundane, but good.   This season of life has become a routine. It is no longer haphazard and foreign, but normal and expected. It is no longer a transition between seasons; it is a season within itself.   Rise. Nanny. Run. Eat. Write. Sleep. Repeat.   No new job currently. Lots of interviews, but nothing… Read more →

Weekend Inspiration 10.25


Ahoy, there friends!


I cannot believe it is the last Saturday in October. And contrary to popular belief, my favorite month of the year is not the passing, but the upcoming. …


My heart flutters at the nearness this, the most wonderful time of the year.

Anyways, the other day, in an attempt to have The Child nap for more than a few minutes in the car, as been his current pattern, I drove for a good hour to create a solid nap for him. [waste of gas? not entirely…..besides, gas is fairly cheap these days and I drive a fuel-efficient small car, affectionally known as Celine]

It was the perfect morning: fog hung in the air, transitional forests were abundant, and not a ray of sunshine for miles. I was hungry for the serene country roads, filling my memory with the bounty of October before the passing of the leaves and the dominant skyline becomes bare trees.

What made these moments etched in my mind for years to come was also the music.

The collection of Loud Harp. 

These serious, chill duo is just the perfect way to spend a morning driving around, soaking in the goodness of Jesus through deep lyrics and small moments.

One of my favorites from their first album, You Found Me.

Enjoy the quiet, restless spirits.

Color Tour 2014


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All landscape found within a half-mile radius of my home.



Moments like these remind me that even in the midst of waiting and expecting, God is still here. I never expected to move back home post-graduation (and to do so for an extended period of time), but fondness for my backyard has grown these days. It is amazing how four years can change a perspective. This land has never changed, only my ability to see.


All images shot with an iPhone 4s (Judge my archaic ways….and my iPhone 6 supposed to come in this week, eek!) and filtered using VSCO CAM app.


Look about you, beauty is there.

Weekend Inspiration 10.18


Good Saturday Morning to ya!


The leaves are falling everywhere around my house. I cannot get enough of this time of year. I wish it was like this all year around. But then again, that would simply be impossible; we must go through seasons.


True of trees. And true of life.


Lately, I have been hearing this voice in my sleep. It is a beaut.


(video courtesy of the YouTube)



[Moment of weakness begins at 0:19]



Love fiercely, breathe joy, and live big.

Life Lately

Processed with VSCOcam with p5 preset



[image via Instagram]

As the darkness rests upon the earth sooner and sooner each passing day, my after dinner walks have been sparingly scattered rather than routine.


In the increase of time, I have picked up this ole time comfort.


Nothing like the healing power of familiar melodies.


Celebrate the mundane friends.

Weekend Inspiration 10.11


Good Morning!


There is just something about autumn: cool winds, warm layers, changing colors, shorter days, warm beverages, and Run River North.

Also, they are on tour right now.


You should take the time, support the artist, and listen live.

But even if they are not coming to your area, spend the rest of your day listening to this video. Please don’t be ashamed of having it run on repeat; pretty sure I will be.


(video courtesy of the YouTube).



[Moment of Shekinah Glory at 1:13]


Stay authentic and live disastrously.

One Year Later

    A year ago today this happened.   Without anyone knowing except a dear friend, I decided to chop all [nearly] all my hair.   When asked why I chose to go pixie, my response has always been the same, “because I could.” And despite remarks that “men hate woman with short hair” and that “I have lost my chance… Read more →

“Pops” and Jehovah Jirah

  These past few weeks have been extremely humbling. Actually, more like a he-must-become-greater-I-must-become-nothing-destroying-of-self season of life.  While searching and interviewing to find a full-time vocation, I have been taking care of The Child, A., and Eee. during the day while their parents are off flipping houses and working.   The position has had its pros and cons. Now, I know the whole… Read more →