Month: January 2015

Weekend Inspiration 01.03


In case, you have forgotten the obvious, I love music.


I also love to dance.


I am by no means the most coordinated on the hardwood, but I do love a good rhythm with strong karaoke. And last weekend, my family and I celebrated my cousin’s marriage. In other words, we danced all night long. There is nothing more joy-filled to be than community and dancing.


It was pure bliss.


To throw it back to the endless laughter and joy experienced, here’s the one and only, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.


Courtesy of The YouTube



My soul sings at 1:10.


Keep the feet tapping, young ones.



Best of 2014

  It’s been a while dear friends.   I apologize for the delay in any posts of late, this whole full-time working thing is a beast to grasp a handle or two on.   Now that a rhythm is finally setting in, I have come back to an old comfort….   New Year Resolutions   (didn’t see that one coming,… Read more →