Month: February 2015

Weekend Inspiration 02.28


To the two people who read this regularly, I apologize for my absence. Life happened – the excuse 95 % of bloggers cite for their disappearance.


Wait, I really don’t. This is my blog and I am going to play by my rules.


There have been no posts for a reason. Writing funks have been a regular occurrence. Every time I attempted to sit down, the fingers failed to produce seamless lines; I could not form words to my thoughts. My life was not something that could be captured through writing, prosed into beautiful structure and kind words.


So I hide from it all. I stopped penning my life. I picked up painting. I slept more. I found new movies to watch, television shows to stream. I wandered grocery store aisles. I listened to music.


But as I watch the steam curl up in ringlets from my coffee creep up throughout the setting sunlight, attempting to compose some thought; I am solemnly reminded that I am enough.


I am not defined by my posts, my audience, or my ability to produce words on a dime. I am not defined by the amount of life I can force into a day or the beauty of what I create.



Here’s a good one for this last day of February.


Video courtesy of The YouTube



Love begins at 0:19


Spring is around the bend, Faithful ones