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there is a storm happening right now.   i am cuddled under a million blankets, channeling my basic girl in leggings and a flannel, with christmas lights as a backdrop, and Ben Howard as an eardrop. its the perfect situation to take my restless mind and vomit it into the English language.   there is something about October, something so… Read more →

darkness and sunrises

  sleep and writing. two precious freedoms that have been hiding their vitality from me.   honest truth. my life alternates – out cold for 16 hours and maybe a three-hour nap the next, between sleeping all day long and not sleeping at night; lying awake, counting down the hours til it is acceptable to go for a run. my moments are… Read more →

In the Tension

Advent. To come. Advent. The season in December. Advent. Anticipation.   It is most often overshadowed by the culture of rush, the tinsel and the carols, the celebration and the drunken sorrow, the unmet expectations and the meaningful reflections. A deeply spiritual season buried under ideals and exuberant lifestyles. From my first year in Latin class, I knew what this… Read more →

A Letter to The Child

  The Child:   Well, today officially marks the end. Taking care of you was supposed to be a transition between seasons; rather it turned into one itself. For weeks, I have spent more time with you than anyone on the planet. We have driven miles in the car: some out of a desperation to lull you to sleep, some simply to find… Read more →

Whispers and Seasons

  Life has been interesting lately. Mundane, but good.   This season of life has become a routine. It is no longer haphazard and foreign, but normal and expected. It is no longer a transition between seasons; it is a season within itself.   Rise. Nanny. Run. Eat. Write. Sleep. Repeat.   No new job currently. Lots of interviews, but nothing… Read more →

“Pops” and Jehovah Jirah

  These past few weeks have been extremely humbling. Actually, more like a he-must-become-greater-I-must-become-nothing-destroying-of-self season of life.  While searching and interviewing to find a full-time vocation, I have been taking care of The Child, A., and Eee. during the day while their parents are off flipping houses and working.   The position has had its pros and cons. Now, I know the whole… Read more →

The First Date

This is awkward. You know, starting a blog. I am about to start something that I have no idea how it will shape my life, how long it is going to last, or what it will bring about in me. Kinda like a first date. ….. Supposedly I was advised to pick a theme when I decided to start, you know, like… Read more →