Weekend Inspiration 02.28


To the two people who read this regularly, I apologize for my absence. Life happened – the excuse 95 % of bloggers cite for their disappearance.


Wait, I really don’t. This is my blog and I am going to play by my rules.


There have been no posts for a reason. Writing funks have been a regular occurrence. Every time I attempted to sit down, the fingers failed to produce seamless lines; I could not form words to my thoughts. My life was not something that could be captured through writing, prosed into beautiful structure and kind words.


So I hide from it all. I stopped penning my life. I picked up painting. I slept more. I found new movies to watch, television shows to stream. I wandered grocery store aisles. I listened to music.


But as I watch the steam curl up in ringlets from my coffee creep up throughout the setting sunlight, attempting to compose some thought; I am solemnly reminded that I am enough.


I am not defined by my posts, my audience, or my ability to produce words on a dime. I am not defined by the amount of life I can force into a day or the beauty of what I create.



Here’s a good one for this last day of February.


Video courtesy of The YouTube



Love begins at 0:19


Spring is around the bend, Faithful ones

Weekend Inspiration 01.03


In case, you have forgotten the obvious, I love music.


I also love to dance.


I am by no means the most coordinated on the hardwood, but I do love a good rhythm with strong karaoke. And last weekend, my family and I celebrated my cousin’s marriage. In other words, we danced all night long. There is nothing more joy-filled to be than community and dancing.


It was pure bliss.


To throw it back to the endless laughter and joy experienced, here’s the one and only, Billie Jean by Michael Jackson.


Courtesy of The YouTube



My soul sings at 1:10.


Keep the feet tapping, young ones.



Best of 2014

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In the Tension

Advent. To come. Advent. The season in December. Advent. Anticipation.   It is most often overshadowed by the culture of rush, the tinsel and the carols, the celebration and the drunken sorrow, the unmet expectations and the meaningful reflections. A deeply spiritual season buried under ideals and exuberant lifestyles. From my first year in Latin class, I knew what this… Read more →

November Noteworthies: 2014 Edition

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Weekend Inspiration 11.29


This weekend has been absolutely wonderful. I love Thanksgiving and all the joy when humans take time to slow down and celebrate the long meal.


As a reminder to not start singing Christmas music until December 1, please visit the rest of my Weekend Inspirations.


With that said, a while ago a friend of mine asked me if I had a pre-game routine before my interviews. I asked for his and he explained methodically his particular series of steps.


I took his advice.


One step required some serious jamming to sassy song. I came upon Oh, Be Clever and Next to You and thought, This is the one. It’s this sharp-beat-power-notes-dance-with-the-fist song filling the trusty Celine that makes me feel like I can conquer anything that passes.



Which I did.



Thanks to a dear friend’s encouragement and this song, I have a 100% success rate with interviews.


Video Courtesy of The YouTube



Kitchen Dancing begins at 0:20.


Find joy in the most tired moments, dear friends.

A Letter to The Child

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Weekend Inspiration 11.22


Inspired! What a word I am feeling today. Between the large dumping of snow that has come upon the region to a 2.5 day visit from my college roommate, I feel like I do with every full tank of gas…


I can conquer the world.

Yes, full tanks do not happen very often in my life. I’m more of a 15 dollars here, 20 dollars there kind of tank filler. So when the gas gauge flies quickly to the top ‘F’ mark, I have a strange adrenaline rush.

With the changing seasons, I tend to recycle back to old favorites of sound. And the arrival of winter tends to bring out the pure melodies in my CD collection. As the snow tenderly falls, the last thing I want to listen to is harsh beats or layers upon layers of sound. I tend to stick to people like Tom.

Beautiful voice. Hums from the piano. Soft snow illuminated by street lights.

[Video courtesy of the YouTube]



Moment of heart stoppage at 1:06



Sing bravely, weary hearts.